Simon Pearce Essex Wine Glass


Hand-selected for our store by Miranda and Charlie as one of their favorites, the Essex Wine glass is another versatile piece which can be used for wine, water, juice and more. It has a shapely generous bowl, substantial stem and sturdy base. Shown to the right is the Essex Wine on the left and the Essex Goblet on the right.

  • Simon Pearce lead-free glass, when cared for appropriately, will retain its brilliance.
  • Dishwasher-safe. Use a mild detergent on a warm gentle cycle.
  • Simon Pearce do not guarantee their glass to be microwave-safe.
  • Extreme changes in temperature, such as very hot liquids, may cause glass to crack. Never place glass in a freezer.
  • Glassware with handles is particularly vulnerable to cracking with rapid changes in temperature.

    Click here to learn about the long personal and professional relationship between Simon Pearce and ShackletonThomas
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