preservation of traditional handwork traditions

ShackletonThomas is committed to preserving the classic traditions of handwork in both pottery and furniture-making. As more companies adopt mass-automation in order to expand profit margins, machines are co-opting our memories of how to make these objects with the human hand.

ShackletonThomas' founders, Charles Shackleton and Miranda Thomas, both apprenticed in the traditional manner with some of the world's most talented artisans. Our company is committed to training the next generation of potters and furniture makers in the traditions of handmade, so that these techniques will not be forgotten, only to be found in museums.

Our training methods follow the artisanal tradition of apprenticeship, graduating employees from beginners, to craftspeople, to masters in their trade over many years. We are committed to passing on an in-depth knowledge of handmade, and a passion for the ancient craft of furniture and pottery.

Your purchase of a ShackletonThomas product directly preserves these traditions.