30 years of friendship

Charles Shackleton, Miranda Thomas and Simon Pearce have both a long friendship and extensive professional history. The three artists share the same teachings and philosophy from craftsmen in England and Ireland in the 1970s: to design and make by beautiful, useful objects by hand for daily living.

The teachings of Bernard Leach, Yanagi Soetsu and Michael Cardew inspired each of the artists, following ideas pioneered by William Morris during the arts and crafts movement at the turn of the century. Shackleton, Thomas and Pearce were all taught that the combination of traditional hand skills and design create a conversation with the raw material. The finished product is consistent in making & process, but through the artist’s human touch, no two are a like. Each piece, whether it is furniture, pottery, or glass, stands on its own as unique.

After moving his business from Ireland to Vermont in the 1980s, Pearce invited both Charles and Miranda join him in the United States – Charles as a glass blower and Miranda to start his pottery workshop. They remain the closest of friends and enjoy exploring and comparing their thoughts on the making of their work.

We are thrilled to have Simon's Glass alongside our dinnerware and dining tables in our store. We have and use it everyday in our home, and now cannot use anything else.
- Miranda Thomas