Jessica King

Master Potter and Pottery Studio Manager

Jess has been a potter for ShackletonThomas since 2001, when she joined the team for the ability to make a living throwing and decorating pots. She has a passion for the handmade pieces she makes, and loves the community of people she works with. Jess has become a unique craftsperson with skill in all areas of the pottery, from throwing to carving and painting to firing the kilns. She takes special pleasure making teapots, which she believes take true talent, skill, and patience in order to be both beautiful and functional.

Outside of the pottery, Jess is an equestrian, training and riding her horse Apollo. She also loves cooking, reading, being outside, dance parties, snowboarding, and spending time with her family.

Evan Williams

Master Potter

Evan started working for ShackletonThomas in 2002, while finishing his training as an apprentice potter at Simon Pearce. Evan is an incredible thrower, and is known for his ability to throw pots both large and small with great skill. He also has a special interest in glaze chemistry, developing and refining ShackletonThomas glazes. Evan especially likes making bowls and teapots; teapots because of the skill and attention to detail needed to make them both attractive and functional, and bowls because their simple shape allows for incredible depth and subtlety of form.

Evan studied Art at Syracuse University, and in his free time makes his own pots, which are then wood fired in his Anagama kiln at his home studio in Bethel, Vermont.

Cassidy Metcalf

Apprentice Potter

Cassidy’s first foray into ceramics was during her senior year of college, when she strayed away from her Environmental Biology major and enrolled in a Introductory Pottery class at the Rhode Island School of Design. Little did she know that years later pottery would become her career. She is now an Apprentice Potter at ShackletonThomas, learning the trade from Miranda Thomas and Master Potters, Jess and Evan. Her apprenticeship is teaching her a variety of skills — from throwing new shapes and ever-larger forms on the wheel, to decorating pots using the sgraffito process, to mixing glazes from scratch, and running the kiln. Although she studied Biology, she believes the methodical nature of pottery suits her, and the materials of ceramics have everything to do with her background and interests; clay comes straight from the earth and working with glaze involves knowledge about geology and chemistry. Cassidy works primarily in the demonstration area beside the ShackletonThomas showroom. Come see what she is making and learn alongside her!

Carolyn Adkins

Apprentice Potter and Assistant Retail Manager

As the Assistant Retail Manager, Carolyn creates a friendly and comfortable environment for visitors to our flagship Workshop Store. Along with helping visitors and customers with their purchases, Carolyn also creates compelling product displays and manages the day-to-day workings of the furniture and pottery showroom.

She is very passionate about (and can't stop thinking or talking about) anything “crafty.” She loves to make little things for her home and for family and friends, and is always looking for a new project to dive into. Her interest in craft and the craftspeople of Vermont have led her to work with acclaimed jeweler Deirdre Donnelly and for Simon Pearce Glass.