Vermont Living

ShackletonThomas is based in the state of Vermont where natural beauty, healthy environment, quality of life, and commitment to a more relaxed pace attracts and binds those that live here both permanently and seasonally. This lifestyle also reflects a deep respect for and appreciation of cultural resources, artisanal products and deep traditions that contribute to the vitality of the area. In this respect, ShackletonThomas is proud to be a direct contributor.


Bigger and faster is not always better. We believe that objects made slowly, by hand, have qualities and characteristics that cannot be replicated by machine. The emphasis on quality rather than quantity is a value we place on making and using our products. This philosophy of making our products is one we apply to living, the emphasis on quality of life and appreciating the inherent beauty of your surroundings.

With endless consumer choices, our customers seek out our products because our work is not only beautiful and functional, but also represents a way of living. We come into contact with objects in our home nearly every day of our life, and being mindful about how and where your home furnishings were made can provide both qualitative and quantitative benefits that endure.