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Hand-carved armchair with upholstered seat
Anna Liffey Arm Chair
Anna Liffey Arm Chair
Hand-carved armchair near table with vase
Anna Liffey Arm Chair
Anna Liffey Arm Chair
Anna Liffey

Anna Liffey Arm Chair

From $4,200

Inspired by an antique chair Charles found in the family flour mill in Ireland many years ago, this chair incorporates the “fork back” detail found on the original.

Anna Liffey was the name of the mill that sits on the River Liffey that flows into the center of Dublin, seven miles away. 

The Anna Liffey collection is characterized by a delicate “x” that repeats itself in a linear pattern. The end result is a design that has enormous delicacy and finesse. In its smaller version it appears like a fretwork or frill.  Hand-carved beads on back and hand-carved curls on arm make this chair our most refined design. 


The hand-tied coil spring seat
Double welting around the bottom edge
Hand-carved beads on back
Hand-carved curls on arm

fabric required

1 yard of 54" wide fabric


American Black Cherry
American Black Walnut


22” W x 35 1/2” H x 19” Deep at Seat
Made By Hand

Each piece of our furniture is handmade by one of our exceptional craftspeople in the traditional manner from beginning to end. From rough milling, to shaping with hand tools, to the waxing of the finished piece, each maker coordinates mind, body, and tools to create classic designs with unmistakable character -- heirlooms to last for generations.

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