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DAVID'S COFFEE TABLE - ShackletonThomas
DAVID'S COFFEE TABLE - ShackletonThomas
DAVID'S COFFEE TABLE - ShackletonThomas
Charles Shackleton Furniture

David’s Coffee Table

From $3,400

Originally designed for Charlie's nephew, David, who wanted furniture that was contemporary, simple, clean-lined, practical, yet still beautiful, and obviously handmade. Inspired by elegantly simple handcrafted pieces from Japan, Ireland, and Mexico, that are full of character without showing off, the David's line feature beveled tops and contrasting diamond pins in the joinery.

Shown here in cherry with shelf 


with or without lower shelf


1 1/2" thick top
Heavily hand-planed top
Diamond-shaped walnut pins
Traditional mortise and tenon joinery


American Black Cherry
American Black Walnut


26" W x 48" L x 19" H
Made By Hand

Each piece of our furniture is handmade by one of our exceptional craftspeople in the traditional manner from beginning to end. From rough milling, to shaping with hand tools, to the waxing of the finished piece, each maker coordinates mind, body, and tools to create classic designs with unmistakable character -- heirlooms to last for generations.

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