Vasari's Table
Vasari's Table
Charles Shackleton Furniture

Vasari's Table

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Giorgio Vasari's Lives of the Artists is considered to be the first work of art history and remains one of the best references for details of the lives of Italian Renaissance artists.  He, himself, was a master artist and was friends with Michelangelo as well as others working at the time. 

We honor Italian art with our classic table featuring the deep Tuscan panelling on the apron, substantial tapered legs, and hand-carved scalloped dentil molding encircling the hand-planed tabletop.  

Archived design


Deep Tuscan panelling on the apron
Substantial tapered legs
Hand-carved scalloped dentil molding
Hand-planed top.


American Black Cherry
American Black Walnut


Small: 54" L x 35" W x 30" H
Medium: 72" L x 38" W x 30" H
Large: 90" L x 44" W x 30" H
Made By Hand

Every mug is individually hand thrown, dipped in slip, freehand decorated and carved. Each one is a true original, therefore no two are exactly alike.

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