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JK Adams Wood Conditioner
JK Adams Wood Conditioner
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JK Adams Wood Conditioner

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Formula 67 is a play on a wood conditioner of yesteryear-our now retired Formula 66. This mixture is an all-natural, food safe, wood conditioner comprised of MCT fractionated coconut oil, organic carnauba wax, and beeswax. The tin is finished with a JK Adams applicator pad contained inside for easy use. The proprietary compound of these ingredients is formulated into a paste consistency-somewhere between an oil and a wax-to finish, protect, and rejuvenate wood boards, bowls, utensils, and even furniture. This all-natural mixture contains no chemical compounds or solutions. Apply generously to maintain the life of your wooden products.


MCT fractionated coconut oil
organic carnauba wax
Made By Hand

Our pots are made and decorated by hand by our team of master potters at the Miranda Thomas Studio in Bridgewater, Vermont. Our extensive handwork ensures that each pot carries life and personality -- no two pots are alike.

Each piece is a work of art, decorated with designs inspired by traditions from all over the world. Our pottery is designed to be used, touched, and admired.

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