Miranda Thomas Pottery / Peony / Inscribed 5.5" Commemorative Bowl for Baby
Inscribed 5.5" Commemorative Bowl for Baby

Inscribed 5.5" Commemorative Bowl for Baby

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The Baby Bowl is perfect to commemorate the birth of a child.

These bowls are personalized with the baby's name on the inside surface and with the baby's date of birth (example: May 20th 2007) on the outside.

Enquire to order this item and include the name and date to be inscribed

Please note that custom pottery orders typically take 8-12 weeks.





Tree of Life, Rabbit, Peony, Fish or Bird


Thrown in white stoneware and dipped in our white opaque glaze, each bowl and each bowl is decorated by hand with blue brushwork in one of our standard patterns.


Approximately 5.5" diameter x 2" height
Made By Hand

Each piece of our furniture is handmade by one of our exceptional craftspeople in the traditional manner from beginning to end. From rough milling, to shaping with hand tools, to the waxing of the finished piece, each maker coordinates mind, body, and tools to create classic designs with unmistakable character -- heirlooms to last for generations.

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