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Forget-Me-Not Serving Bowl
Forget-Me-Not Serving Bowl
Forget-Me-Not Serving Bowl
Forget-Me-Not Serving Bowl

Forget-Me-Not Serving Bowl

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Every bowl is individually hand thrown, dipped in white glaze, and hand painted with fresh cobalt blue forget-me-nots. Each one is a true original, therefore no two are exactly alike.


Approximately 4" h x 9" w


All of our stoneware pieces, including the Cream Carved, Black Carved, Devonshire, and English lines are oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe. Extreme temperature changes (transfer directly from fridge to oven etc.), may result in a cracked, non-functional pottery piece.

A lint-free cloth and glass cleaner may be used to clean and restore shine to your Miranda Thomas Pottery pieces.

As a collector of Miranda Thomas Pottery, you will be pleased to know that in addition to their artistic functionality, most pieces are extremely robust in everyday life.
Made By Hand

Our pots are made and decorated by hand by our team of master potters at the Miranda Thomas Studio in Bridgewater, Vermont. Our extensive handwork ensures that each pot carries life and personality -- no two pots are alike.

Each piece is a work of art, decorated with designs inspired by traditions from all over the world. Our pottery is designed to be used, touched, and admired.

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