The finish that we use is an oil finish that soaks into the wood followed by a coat of fine paste wax. 
A microfiber cloth can be used to gently wipe wooden surfaces to remove dust. 
A mild, soapy warm water and clean cloth can be used to remove dirt and grime; followed by a dry cloth to remove excess moisture. 
Marks and scratches can be removed by using 0000 Grade Fine Steel Wool or #98 3M Brand “Scotchbrite®,” rubbing lightly in the direction of the grain. 
Shine can be restored with any good quality paste furniture wax.
All rolling pins, trays, wooden bowls, and breadboards are treated with food safe mineral oil. 
They should be washed gently by hand in warm soapy water. 
Do not allow water to soak in, and never put in the dishwasher or microwave. 
Mineral oil may be used to refresh the wood.
How to Re-Wax Your Furniture
For tables made before 2018: 
Purchase a Furniture Care Kit, which includes everything you’ll need for the following steps:   

1.  To begin, remove the old wax by rubbing the whole surface down with the steel wool. 
2.  Rub with the grain, or at a slight angle to it, but not across it. 
3.  If the steel wool begins to get a wax build up and is no longer effective, turn the steel wool pad inside itself to refresh it. 
4.  Once the old wax is removed, the surface should feel smooth. 
5.  Clean up the dust from steel wool process with a rag. 
6.  Put some wax on a small piece of clean, dry cotton rag or towel. 
7.  Working in sections, apply a very light coat of wax using small circular motions. It is important to use as little wax as possible. Before the wax dries in each section, wipe the wax in the direction of the grain using long gentle strokes. 
8.  Let wax dry for 20 minutes. 
9.  Finally, buff the surface, using a soft, dry cotton polishing cloth, working vigorously in the direction of the grain. 
The resulting surface should have a deep rich shine. If, after re-waxing, the surface still seems very dull or dry looking, please contact us. It is possible that after a long period of time or a lot of use, the surface may need to be re-oiled.

Furniture Care Kit

Furniture Care Kit Contained in Custom Storage Box: 
- 0000 Steel wool 
- Liberon Black Bison Fine Paste Wax - Neutral 
- Square piece of soft cloth for wax application 
- Square yellow cloth for final polishing 
- Instructional card