State House Lawn, Montpelier

The Naked Table Project is back the first of June, 2024!   This event was originally planned for September, 2023. However, the devastating floods on July 10, 2023 completely destroyed the offices of Habitat for Humanity in Montpelier and caused considerable damage at ShackletonThomas and throughout Montpelier, where the event will take place.  

Now, nearly a year later the Naked Table Project is hosting the event in conjunction with Habitat for Humanity of Central Vermont and Vermont Woodlands Association on the State House lawn in Montpelier to celebrate the resiliency of Vermont’s communities and forests. The event will raise awareness for how essential forest products are for basic societal needs like housing and how important it is that those forest products are harvested sustainably. Good, responsible stewardship can increase the diversity of our forests, reduce flood risk by slowing water and increasing water uptake by growing healthy trees, and provide the wood resources our communities, especially those in need, depend on.

The organizations will come together to highlight the connection between the forestry of the state and its housing need. This event will bring participants into direct contact with the sustainably sourced wood Vermonters use by building a table made from Sugar Maple sustainably harvested from U.S Senator Patrick Leahy’s Vermont Tree Farm. Senator Leahy will also speak to the group following the building of the tables.  

The full day event also includes an instructive forest tour by Dave Wilcox of the Hubbard State Forest adjacent to the state house followed by lunch under the tent on the “just made” conjoined tables. 

We invite you to join us this June in Montpelier for this long-awaited event!
Schedule of Events

The Table Build
(9:30 am - noon) 
The table is the centerpiece of the home. Guests learn about sustainable approaches to furniture making, how to prepare and assemble traditional mortise and tenon joinery, and how to elegantly finish their tables. Each guest immerses themselves in the table-making process, feeling empowered to create while learning the process.

The Forestry Tour (noon - 2 pm) 
Head to the forest to fully understand the process of sustainably-made furniture. Guided by an expert forester, guests will walk the woods behind the statehouse. Learn how to identify sugar maple, its qualities for furniture making, and low-impact forestry principles. It’s a critical fresh-air break from the workshop that will change the way you see furniture and your local woods forever.

The Celebration Meal ( 2pm - 4pm)
What’s a bunch of tables without sharing a feast together? As tradition has it, the table makers and their community gather at the tables to share a meal made completely of locally-sourced ingredients. It’s a time to celebrate the good work, the food, the community, and the process.