Mary's Tea Tray
Mary's Tea Tray
Mary's Tea Tray
Mary's Tea Tray
MARY'S TRAY - ShackletonThomas
Mary's Tea Tray
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Mary's Tea Tray

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  • Hand-shaped handles
  • Wood spline reinforced corners
  • Cherry veneer bottom
  • The Mary's Tray is the larger of the two trays pictured right.
  • 14" Wide, 24" Long, 3 1/8" High
  • care

    To clean, wipe thoroughly with a damp cloth, which may be slightly soapy if you wish.

    Do not immerse in water or place in the oven.

    Best kept at room temperature.

    Rub occasionally with any food safe oil, such as mineral oil, or prevent staining and to preserve the beauty of the piece.